SHOW & GO 45 VIRTUAL: And the WINNERS are:


Class 1. Dan P. MI. 1969 GT350


Class 2 Dale J. MI. 2008 GT500 Super Snake


Class 3. Mike S. MI. 1965 Mustang


Class 4. Russell K. WI 1978 Mustang II Cobra

Class 5. David S. MI. 1992 Mustang Convertible

Class 6. Brian B. MI. 97 Mustang


Class 7. Mike T. MI. 2006 Roush Mustang


Class 8. Jeff R. MI. 2017 Mustang GT


Class 9. Michael G. MI. 60 Ford Starliner


Class 10. Mark K. MI. 1968 Cougar XR7-G


Class 11. Mick S. MI. 1971 Mercury Comet GT


Class 12. Sharon F. MI. 1967 Bronco


Class 13. Mark C. MI. 1969 Mustang


Class 14. Trish J. MI FFR Cobra

Special Thanks to our supporters of Virtual Show & Go 45.

To see additional views of these cars, go to Show & Go 45 Virtual Show.


Shelby Club goes to the Movies Saturday November 16 1:30pm Matinee

All enjoyed Ford vs. Ferrari at the MJR Marketplace Cinema in Sterling Heights, MI on Saturday at the matinee. We then went to El Charro of Fraser for dinner and discussed the film.

Most agreed that it was an excellent film. If you ever met Carroll Shelby, heard him speak, heard or read stories about him, you know the events of the past are not static. So if someone points out a discrepancy or two in the movie, it’s unlikely that Mr. Shelby would have concerned himself about a few details. He would approve of it as a good story.

Thanks to Rich Tweedle putting this plan together.


And a thank you to our friends at Team Shelby for posters, shown below, handed out after dinner.




Dates changed to 17th-19th.

2020 National Convention
Indianapolis Motor Speedway June 10-12, 2020 June 17-19, 2020.
The Shelby American Automobile Club returns to Indianapolis for SAAC-45, offering 3 days of motorsports fun. Two full days of Open Track, Indoor Concours Judging, Popular Vote car Show and the opportunity to run parade laps on the most famous track in the USA

“The ‘Brickyard’ provides the perfect venue for history, track action and car shows.”

New features to be added to our favorite activities
We are planning a Night at the Museum, an evening program like no other that will pack the room, and extra driving activities like Cruise Tours, Poker Run and a few more surprises. Mark your calendars and watch for updates as they are finalized.
Initial Schedules and Hotel Information will be announced shortly.

NOTE: The iPhone says it’s 304 miles from Little Daddy’s to IMS and should only take 4 hours and 49 minutes to get there. What’s your next excuse?


Snakes in the Grass Fizzles in the Drizzle.

While not all of us got the memo that deleted meeting at Canterbury Village, those that did show up enjoyed the hot cider and donuts.

Mr. & Mrs. Hermans didn’t let a little rain stop them.

Official start of the cruise became Neal Porter’s collection. Mr. Porter took the time to give a short history / report on each car in the building. Quite a diverse group of cars, from a ’37 Packard that two sailors on 30 leave bought in New York, to a ’53 Buick Skylark Sports convertible that was part of the General Motors “Promise of Tomorrow”, to a Dual Ghia that Chrysler should have produced, but ended as a private deal with the Italian firm. With a Boss 302, a Canadian Ford, and several other cars in between.

The cruise continued following the maps supplied by our coordinator, Mike Nyberg, there is an unconfirmed report of one member who refused to believe it was raining and made the journey to Greg’s Restaurant with the top down.

It has been confirmed that the ribs were good and the onion rings, huge. Those that went agreed it was an excellent event, in spite any complications.

Mr. Tweedle has more photos of event: Neal Porter Collection