Motor City Solutions Shop Tour

24331 Brest Road

Taylor, MI 48180

February 17th, 2018

12 noon to 3 pm

Snacks and refreshments provided

Classics, Hot Rods, Restomods, Bonneville-style rods,

Muscle cars in various build stages


Dale Rabe

734-891-8202 text



Come join us at



21367 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48124 (313)752-3673

Sunday, February 11,2018 – 3:00pm ~ 6:30pm

Dinner buffet: Three selections of meatloaf, chicken, and salmon to satisfy everyone’s dining preferences,

garden salad, vegetable, red skin mashed potatoes and desserts.  Includes coffee, tea, and soft drinks. 

Cash bar is available for those who so desire.


Cost for the event is:

$15 each for workers & their guest and $25 each for non-workers & their guest

“Upon making reservations, you are liable for your costs.”

Please make reservations as soon as possible

Last day for making reservations is February 3, 2018

     *Please pay prior to event*

RSVP and Send checks to (Payable to: SAAC-MCR)

Craig Shefferly – SAAC-MCR

145 Laredo Court, White Lake, MI 48386

Phone: (248) 698-8825

Hope to see you there!!

2018 Holiday Party Flyer – FINAL

Guliano Zuccato Passes Away

Very sad news. Guliano Zuccato passed away Thursday morning, December 14, 2017.  Guliano was a clay modeler on the original Mustang.


The attendees at the October 1, 2016 SAAC-MCR monthly meeting had the opportunity to hear Giuliano Zuccato talk about his 31 year career sculpting at the Ford Design Center.

He told us about his experience developing the headlight area of the 1964 1/2 Mustang as well as the rear bumper and the taillights. He used his experience making furniture in Italy, as a young man, to fabricate the taillight out of wood. His job was to make a 3D representation out of the designer’s 2D sketch

He also mentioned his involvement with the design of the IMSA Mustang GTP and its development, which required extensive use of wind tunnels to reduce drag. He also did some design work on the frontend of the Ford GT 40.

He told many stories about high level executives at Ford Motor Company. He indicated you could tell if Lee Iacocca liked something by the way he handled his cigar. If he liked something he would puff on the cigar and the end would glow red, if he didn’t like it he would chew on the cigar.

One time a tall man tapped Giuliano on the shoulder while he was sculpting on a new design. The tall man said what are you doing? Giuliano didn’t think he should tell him anything due to design confidentiality. So he asked the tall man, who he was? The man indicated he was Bob Lutz, the Executive Vice President from Europe. Moments later filming equipment was in place to do a promotional ad featuring Lutz, with Giuliano sculpting in the background.

Giuliano related some of his experiences after retiring from Ford Motor Company. He was hired by DaimlerChrysler because of his experience with the development of the Mustang in 18 months. D/C wanted see how fast they could get a car from concept to the sales room. Giuliano helped them reduce the Crossfire “fast to market” down to 15 months.



One Last Trip To Goodwood

As told by Randy Betki.

A few years, ok decades, ago wheels were put into motion by others…. to what was to become The Goodwood Gang.

Story is Steve Williams, his wife, and another couple attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed (A hill climbing event) back in the late 90’s. Goodwood is an estate established back in the 1600’s. It is located in England and used as a RAF base during WWII. During WW II the pilots and crew would use the service drive that went around the airfield’s perimeter to race anything that had wheels on it. After the war, 1948, the service drive was turned into a race course. It served as such until the 1966 when speed and safety rules made the decision to close the circuit. The track was still used from time to time for testing. It is the circuit on which Bruce McLaren lost his life while testing one of his experimental racing machines back in 1970.

When they returned to the USA, Steve, who is a brace/prosthetic maker, talked to Dr. Charles Safley (Charlie). Charlie raced an Alfa, owned a Cobra, and was a member of the Shelby American Automobile Club – Motor City Region (SAAC-MCR). Charlie tells Steve he would be interested in attending if they go back.

Next time they (Charlie, Steve, and his brother Jim who works for NASA) go, it is to The Revival, a road racing event using the old race circuit.

When they return Charlie tells Tom Greene about it. Tom was President of SAAC-MCR, and raced a 1966 GT 350 in vintage racing. So he tags along for the next trip.

Tom returns and sees me at the next Shelby Club meeting. Tells me I have to attend the next event. I ask why? Because they race old cars (from the early 1900’s to 1966), and fly warbird airplanes…. all the stuff you love to do. So I attend the next event. As well as another SAAC-MCR member, Stu Cashman. Eventually Charlie talks one of his boating buddies, Troy, into going along.

So that is the short story of how the Goodwood Gang was formed. The Gang has been going over every other year for decades.

In Dec of ’16, Charlie past away due to an aggressive cancer. In his will he requested that part of his ashes be placed at Goodwood’s Lavant Corner where we usually sat for the Revival. Tom picked up the reigns and got The Gang together to take Charlie over to this years Goodwood.

Three months later Tom is at a go karting track, got bumped, long story short, he succumbs to a Dale Earnhardt neck injury. While at his funeral in Tennessee, his widow tells me, “If you are taking Charlie, you are taking Tom!” The Gang divides responsibilities and continues on with a new purpose……

So this past Sept we smuggled a couple of bodies across Canada and England to inter as part of the Goodwood Estate. I did make proper arrangement with the Goodwood Estate to do so. They were very receptive to the request.


Per Charlie’s instructions we topped them off with a half pint, not a full pint. Charlie said, “Beer is too expensive, just use a half pint”.

Now you know the history of The Goodwood Gang

Mr. Deary Gets A New Ford GT

The month of October can never be counted on for nice weather. But the 21st of 2017 provided an excellent day for William Deary to roll out his new Ford GT.

He brought some other cars as well.

Also provided a chance to join him at MIS.

And a good time was had by all.

Gilmore Museum Event


Had a nice turnout on a nice September Day

Gilmore Museum IMG_1315-group W Mk IV

  • Saturday, September 30
    • Come join us at one of the premier automotive themed museums in the country! Located in the rolling countryside of Hickory Corners, the huge museum complex includes many buildings, a number that are marque specific & several designed in the theme of an era specific dealership. New museums & displays are being created all the time, so if you’ve been there before you’ll see some familiar friends & new ones too!  Selecting a location on the west side hopefully enables those not in the SE MI area to meet with us, & encourages Team Shelby – Great Lakes Region members on the west side & neighboring states to meet with their Motor City Chapter brethren!  For those traveling from the Detroit metro area, we will pick a meet up location – somewhere west of Ann Arbor off I-94, & time (likely 9:30AM?) – both to be identified later.For those traveling from other directions or solo, target is to arrive at Gilmore by 11:30AM.More details to follow.Please use the “Going” feature on the club Facebook page so we can get an idea of how many people to expect.
    • We will have special parking inside the complex on the museum grounds, so you won’t have to worry about pedestrian parking door dings! We will be parking as a group on the grassy center court of the museum grounds, & add eye candy for other visitors to the museum!!
    • Admission is $11/adult (regular admission is $13)!
    • We will have a limited number of door prizes to share with lucky participants!