Track Preparation

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Getting Started:

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Car Preparation

  • Make sure all fluids are full and in good shape – no obvious leaks

  • Coolant catch can required

  • Battery securely fastened

  • Two throttle return springs in place

  • Brake fluid should have been bled within the last 12 months

  • Brake pads should have > 50% material

  • Wheel bearings and front end components (tie rods, etc..) should be tight

  • Wheel lugs properly torqued

  • Tire pressure properly set (you may want to increase your tire pressure – possibly greater than street tire pressure)

  • Hub caps removed

  • No cracks in glass

  • Tread on street tires >50%

  • Brake lights operational

  • Muffler required

  • Seat belts operational

  • No loose items in interior or trunk

  • Floor mats removed

  • Mirrors

  • Full tank of gas

Things to bring

  • Cooler with snacks and water/pop to keep hydrated; Lunch

  • Hat and sunglasses

  • Lawn chair

  • Tool box (suggest lug/torque wrench)

  • Extra fluids (oil, brake fluid, P/S fluid, etc…)

  • Helmet (SA 2010 or newer); note: a limited number of loaner helmets are available for loan, please verify availability before the event

What to wear

  • Closed toed shoes

  • Long pants

  • Long sleeve shirt suggested

You will be required to sign a statement of responsibility at the track indicating you have complied with all the tech requirements listed above.

Questions? Please come to our monthly meetings.