Gail Halderman’s Mustang Museum


MOCSEM invited SAAC-MCR members to join them for a cruise to Gail Halderman’s “Man Cave”, better known as Halderman’s Mustang Museum, located near Tipp, Ohio, on Sept. 24. We caravanned with 20 or so Mustangs and other Ford vehicles, making quite a sight.

Steve & Cathy White and Rich & Sandy Tweedle joined with Mike Rey, John Clors and MOCSEM members at the museum where Mr. Halderman, who designed the ’64-1/2 Mustang style, has put on display some vehicles, including a red 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible, a couple of Model A’s, and a Thunderbird, many of his styling drawings of future products through his career, and models and other collectable items relating to the Mustang.

Gale Halderman gave a talk on his career, starting with how he was hired (including showing us the car design he did the night before his interview), grew into designing and how he came to be the one to draw what became the Mustang.

We were also treated to a Roast Pig, pulled pork sandwich lunch.

MOCSEM President Mike Rey and John Clor presented Mr. Halderman and his wife with MOCSEM club jackets

The day started cool, but changed to sunny & warm.  Sorry that many of you missed a great experience.  A larger presence of SAAC-MCR members would have been great.

Rich Tweedle