CATS in the Cradle.

Like all the other Motor City Region members, I received an email invite last month to join the Cougar Club for an event to be held about two hours away on Saturday, June 16, 2018.

That’s the weekend for Eyes on Design in Grosse Pointe Shores, the Motor Muster at Greenfield Village, some new Le Mans in Detroit show, and probably a dozen other events, so why leave town?

At the last minute I pre-registered, those Cougar guys  are on all the “A” Lists, right?

Once again it’s raining on the morning of the event. The 3/32″ tread on the Shelby’s 40 series tires had visions of Miss Budweiser racing for the Gold Cup going through my head.  It’s top up, head down.

I do not use the term, “OMG”. But as a Shelby guy, this event was THE BEST. Perhaps I will refrain from going to any more meets, ever. SAAC national conventions have more Shelby vehicles, but not by much. And they have open track and speakers and many friends made over the years.

OK, so I talked myself off that ledge.

Back to our Cougar buddies. The cars were great. I am sure there are events with better food served. But I don’t get invited to Hollywood Balls, Royal Weddings, and Pebble Beach. I should have had the box of Ziploc bags for the shrimp and the BBQ. Was it Easter? Several types of excellent chocolates, topped off by 1:18 scale 1967 solid milk chocolate GT500’s on each table.

A staff of friendly people, you couldn’t walk twenty feet without some lovely lady asking if you would like a soft drink or a bottle of the private labeled water. Cheese, chips, snacks, I’m getting full. There’s the slot car track, the pinball machines and wall art that would take days to see it all.

Then it’s time for lunch. Pulled pork, ribs, beef, chicken, I can’t say it was all good because there is no way I could eat just a little of everything and not explode.

Our gracious host gave a tour of the facility, I wanted to thank him personally, but I was not willing to take the chance he would say, “Who are you?’ and have me searched and escorted off the premises.

So if you get invited by a classy group like the Cougar Club, accept it and try not to make us look bad. I want to get invited back, if there is a next time.



  1. No, they’re lookin’ for folks that buy the new GT350 and go to Vegas. Once they find out I’m a CSBI and AENG stockholder, my name gets scratched off the “A” List.


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