Guliano Zuccato Passes Away

Very sad news. Guliano Zuccato passed away Thursday morning, December 14, 2017.  Guliano was a clay modeler on the original Mustang.


The attendees at the October 1, 2016 SAAC-MCR monthly meeting had the opportunity to hear Giuliano Zuccato talk about his 31 year career sculpting at the Ford Design Center.

He told us about his experience developing the headlight area of the 1964 1/2 Mustang as well as the rear bumper and the taillights. He used his experience making furniture in Italy, as a young man, to fabricate the taillight out of wood. His job was to make a 3D representation out of the designer’s 2D sketch

He also mentioned his involvement with the design of the IMSA Mustang GTP and its development, which required extensive use of wind tunnels to reduce drag. He also did some design work on the frontend of the Ford GT 40.

He told many stories about high level executives at Ford Motor Company. He indicated you could tell if Lee Iacocca liked something by the way he handled his cigar. If he liked something he would puff on the cigar and the end would glow red, if he didn’t like it he would chew on the cigar.

One time a tall man tapped Giuliano on the shoulder while he was sculpting on a new design. The tall man said what are you doing? Giuliano didn’t think he should tell him anything due to design confidentiality. So he asked the tall man, who he was? The man indicated he was Bob Lutz, the Executive Vice President from Europe. Moments later filming equipment was in place to do a promotional ad featuring Lutz, with Giuliano sculpting in the background.

Giuliano related some of his experiences after retiring from Ford Motor Company. He was hired by DaimlerChrysler because of his experience with the development of the Mustang in 18 months. D/C wanted see how fast they could get a car from concept to the sales room. Giuliano helped them reduce the Crossfire “fast to market” down to 15 months.




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